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Checklist Getting Your Home Ready for Sale - Part 1

Looking to take advantage of the Spring Selling Season? Here’s your guide to getting your home in tip top shape for potential buyers. This week we take a broad view to get you started.

Fixing cracks in walls – Cracks or holes in walls can be a huge deterrent to potential buyers. Take the time to have them filled properly in preparation for a fresh coat of paint.

In the garden – If your garden looks more like a jungle than a suburban backyard, it’s time for an overhaul. The first impression when buyers arrive to inspect your house is going to be key so remove weeds, trim unruly hedges and trees and get the lawn in top condition.

Fence – Is your fence looking a little worse for wear? A new coat of paint will breathe new life into your yard and also frame your property attractively. 

Side of the House – An often forgotten area of the home, see if you can do something unique with the small space beside your house. Is there room for a small herb garden? Or a little reading nook with a chair and table? Small extras like this pack a real punch for appealing to buyers.

Leaking Taps – Take the time to fix leaking taps inside and outside the house. You don’t want a dripping bathroom tap to detract from other positive features in your home.

Paths and driveways – A pressure washer is a great way to bring freshness to your home, especially when it comes to curb appeal. 

Getting these big jobs done early can put you in good stead for the rest of your “getting ready for sale” journey.  Check out next set of checklist to see how painting, decluttering and emotions all play a part in getting your home spick and span for sale.

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