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Checklist Getting Your Home Ready for Sale - Part 2

Once those big jobs around the garden are taken care of as outlined in the first set of checklist. It’s time to narrow in a little on the main things to do inside the house to get it looking its best for buyers.

Painting – Look at your house from a prospective buyer’s point of view. Would you be happy with the paintwork on your home? If you have any bright, bold feature walls, now is the time to tone them down and make them more neutral. Often, a strong colour can turn buyers off as they focus on how they are going to get rid of it, rather than enjoy the space that a room can offer them.

Entrance - Scrub your front door if necessary and thoroughly clean the porch and entrance steps. When first impressions matter, don’t gamble with the chance of having a buyer cringe at the sight of a dirty entrance way.

Empty Room - If you have an empty (or cluttered) room, transform it to show potential buyers how the space can be used. E.g. a ‘junk’ room can be decluttered and transformed into a study or bedroom. Rent a storage facility if required for items removed so they are out of sight.

Disassociate yourself from your home and view it objectively. Does it look pleasing? Is your house in the best condition you can make it? It’s time to set aside your emotional connection to the property and view it as an outsider.

In the next set we show you just how important it is to get the styling of your home right to attract buyers. It’s all in the details!

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